Lindy Lous Unisex Beauty Salon - MASSAGE
Feeling a bit 'Shabby?'....

Using a mixture of Swedish and Thai pressure point massage techniques,with soya bean oil you will soon be drifting off to a stress free world. You can snore, you can dribble, but please don't roll off the bed!
I will be arriving with a portable massage couch and my own towels.
  Please make sure that the room we are working in is spacious enough for me to move around the couch and that noise levels within the home are kept to a minimum for maximum relaxation.
30 Minute Back Neck and Shoulder Massage £30.00
1 Hour Full Body Massage      £50.00

Or why not really indulge with the

      ''Lindy Lou Body Revitalizer''
....Treatment begins with a full body exfoliation removing dull tired skin, followed by a full body massage using the Clarin's detoxifying 'tonic' oil. This treatment is great for improving energy levels, removing left over tan, and pre-holiday.

1 Hour                                        £60.00

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